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MTB Vest (2A)

69,95 € 84,95 €
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The 2A vest is entirely made in Europe from 93% recycled fabric.
The vest is specially designed for semi cold days and is windproof and water repellent. In the upper back area, the vest ensures that sweat and excess heat quickly evaporate.

2A: We've divided the vest into two areas (2A). The front area and the lower back is made of a slightly thicker windproof and water repellent fabric. The upper back part is made with a breathable fabric. 

The slightly raised collar keeps your neck well protected from cold headwinds. You don't have to take off your helmet if you want to put on the 2A vest while riding.

The fabric for the jersey is produced in Italy and Spain. From there it is transported directly by truck to Poland where it is processed into blanks. Our sewing company works with the most modern machines to guarantee an ideal fit and quality. The jersey is then finished in Germany with environmentally friendly foil printing.

Our clothing sizes are based on the European clothing sizes. So you wear the same size with our products as with conventional clothes.

We have a few size examples, so you can better estimate which size fits you.

S           165-175 cm

M          172-180 cm

L           177-187 cm

XL         184-193 cm

XXL      190 cm and taller

In order to keep our ecological footprint as low as possible, we only use paper to pack our goods. All our products are therefore packed in bread paper bags.

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