What does sustainability mean to us?

It would probably be most sustainable if we never founded Monserat in the first place. But would that be better for the environment? Would mountain bikers then not buy MTB clothing, or would they buy clothing from a brand that does not value sustainability? We think the topic of sustainability cannot be dealt with so quickly and the solution is unfortunately not so easy to find.

That's why we try to explain to you what it means to us to be sustainable and to act sustainably:

For us, sustainability means above all a process of constant improvement. We are constantly learning new things and gaining valuable experience in living sustainable every day, which we integrate as early as possible into our production and our general actions. Of course we are not perfect and we also consume energy and produce waste. But we promise to constantly question ourselves and to always try to make our actions and our product range even more sustainable. It is not necessarily about making it perfect, but making it better than before. I guess if we would try to make it perfect from the beginning, we would probably never bring a product to the market.

"Sustainability is therefore a goal for us, perhaps even an unachievable goal. And we see ourselves and our brand as the process of getting a little closer to that goal."

Our most important principles for sustainable action:
- A process of constantly getting better in the field of sustainability
- A high quality product that can last several years
- Recycled and ecologically produced raw materials
- Fair working conditions and safe working environments
- Designs that are not outdated after one season
- A short supply chain
- No unnecessary packaging materials
- It's a matter of principle


Our vision

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Where we started

The idea was to design MTB clothing that looks restrained and casual. While researching how we could make our clothes, we learned a lot about how conventional clothes are made. Even during research, it was clear to us that we didn't want to categorize ourselves there and made plans on how we could produce our clothes under fair conditions on the one hand, but also ecologically correct on the other.

Since we founded our company in Stuttgart, Germany, it is important to us not to have our production on the other side of the world. So we try to get all of our products and the raw materials for them from Europe.

Why direct sales?

We sell our products directly to you, only so we can afford to buy fabrics with a very high quality. Also our sewing factory is more expensive than a sewing factory from Asia. In order to be able to offer you an affordable product, we

have to save money elsewhere and therefore we sell our products directly to you.

In addition, we produce much less surplus goods, because we get direct feedback from you on which products we should produce again.

Made in Europe..why?

A production in Europe saves one thing above all..the way the product travels! And so we produce less C02 than clothes that travel longer distances.
In addition, it is possible for us to quickly visit the fabric supplier, or to make a visit to the sewing factory. There are also hardly any time differences and problems can be solved easier and faster.


Our MTB jerseys are our pioneering product!

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How we produce our clothing

You want to know how we produce our clothing? In the following link we explain how we design our clothes, under which working conditions they are produced and when we launch a new product.