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Gravity Pants

134,95 € 159,95 €
incl. VAT excl. shipping Delivery: 2-7 days

The GP1 pants is entirely made in Europe from 90% recycled fabric.

- 4 Pockets, 3 with zippers
- Abrasion-resistant fabric on the knee area
- Two lengths available (+4 cm / 1.57 inches)
- Made for cold to mid warm days
- Produced entirely in Europe
- Fabric made from 90% recycled plastic

- Stretchable fabric
- Highly durable fabric
- Water repellent

Made in Europe from 90% recycled plastics, our Gravity Pants are meant to be used on colder days. The main fabric for our pants is produced in Spain and our sewing shop in Poland produces the high-quality GP pants. The special surface texture of our fabric repels rain and splash water. This makes the mtb trousers your ideal cold-weather companion.

Color: black

We have tailored our pants to the European clothing standard. So you will probably wear the same width with the Gravity Pants as with most of your pants.

We have a few size examples, so you can better estimate which size fits you.


Feli is 166cm and weights around 50kg. She is wearing a S sized GP-Pants.


Jens is 180cm and weights around 73kg. He is wearing a M sized GP-Pants.


The other Jens (the one in the pictures) is 185cm weights around 84kg and is wearing the L sized GP-Pants. 

In order to keep our ecological footprint as low as possible, we only use paper to pack our goods. All our products are therefore packed in bread paper bags.


Shipping costs:

3.95€ up to 150€
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Rest of world
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Free shipping for orders over 200€

Four pockets

With four pockets, the Gravity Pants give you enough storage space to stow your cell phone, money, bars, tools and more. Two main pockets and one hidden side pocket have zippers.

The fourth pocket

The fourth pocket on the thigh has space if you need to stow something quickly. For example, you can put your gloves in there when riding uphill or stow your glasses. You can also put the packaging of your bar in there if you want to ride on quickly.


A special abrasion-resistant and elastic fabric in the knee area ensures an ideal fit on your knee, even with wide knee pads. In addition, the trousers are more stable in this area in the event of a crash.

Two lengths

The Gravity Pants are available in sizes S-XL and in sizes S-L also in a 4cm longer version.